Anzac Cruise

For Australian and New Zealand visitors, we can arrange a very special « Anzac Cruise » holiday to pay tribute to the Anzac soldiers that fought so hard for this land a century ago. This cruise can take place during august.

The cruise starts in Amiens and will head to Corbie where you can visit the new Sir John Monash Centre, Le Hamel memory site and other WWI battlefields. Then we will head west towards Samara, next to Vignacourt village and the Thuillier Farm museum : a unique testimony of 4000 pictures of soldiers of the Australian forces were found there.

The « Anzac Cruise » is not exclusively focused on WWI remembrance, you will also enjoy barging on one of the most beautiful French canal, surrounded by nature, go to restaurants near the river… Spending relaxing time on board after visiting Paris (just 1 hour train from Amiens) makes the perfect combo for your holidays in France. 

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