We are offering a special blend between hotel barging and self hired river boats. Nauporos is skippered and we will sail each day between 2 to 3 hours. Once moored, hosts have the full boat for themselves, for the rest of the day and night. This new approach to barging  offers relaxing time on board without the stress of driving the boat in an unknown area, and don’t have a crew on your back 24 hours a day. So far we had hosts from the US, UK, Denmark, Belgium and France who were very pleased with this type of cruising.

Nauporos leaving the Méricourt lock – Nauporos à la sortie de l’écluse de Méricourt 

Nous naviguons 2 à 3 heures par jour (pas de mal de mer sur les canaux !) généralement le matin. Une fois amarré, je vous indique les visites à faire, les randonnées, les restaurants… Je ne suis présent que pour les phases de navigation, je ne dors pas à bord. Vous pourrez donc pleinement profiter du bateau les 3/4 du temps. Vous pourrez prendre la barre et faire la manœuvre si vous le souhaitez.

Lifting bridge at Eclusier Vaux – Le pont levant d’Eclusier Vaux

 Nauporos cruises on the Somme River, the most beautiful canal of northern France. The sinuous valley offers a picturesque countryside and cultural visits such as WWI battlefields memory sites, Amiens cathedral, Jules Verne House, steam trains… Nature lovers will have a great time too !
Once the boat will at her mooring I will give you advice on the visits, footpaths, restaurants… I’m on board only for the sailing hours, I don’t sleep onboard. This way you can completely enjoy Nauporos on your own for sunset cocktails or in the morning when the river awake. 

At night, moored in Frise – La soirée amarrés à Frise

Au départ d’Amiens (1h de Paris par le train, 3h de Bruxelles) deux croisières sont possibles : vers la Haute Somme, ses étangs et les sites de mémoire ; vers la célèbre baie de Somme en aval.

Starting from Amiens (1h30 from the Channel ferry terminals, 1h by train from central Paris), two routes are offered : upstream towards the lakes district and the WWI memory sites ; downstream to the picturesque Bay de Somme.

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